Bab Doukkala Street

23 May 2018

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Bab Doukkala Street

This street is well worth the ten or fifteen minutes walk through an old part of the medina, a popular route from the new town en route to the main souks, it comprises a local market. No “hard sell” of the tourist souks here! The route stretches from the multiple gates of Bab Doukkala (next to the principal bus station – the gare routiers).

There are multiple kiosks, shops and barrow vendors here. Butchers specialising in lamb, beef or offal, vegetable and fruit sellers, fishmongers and the somewhat disturbing live chicken outlets (choose your bird and have it dispatched, machine plucked and dismembered in front of you!) Stalls selling small but deliciously sweet local bananas, a variety of melons, and perfectly ripe plum tomatoes and strawberries line the avenue. This is a mostly covered market, welcoming in the shade.

There are also haberdasheries and ironmongers, a pet shop (very unusual for Marrakech) which has well cared for tropical fish, fancy pigeons and Syrian hamsters for example.) For a short lunchtime break there are a few small cafes, including a fish snack bar. Not to forget the mattress stuffers shops!

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