How To Use Argan Oil

22 May 2018

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How to use Argan oil in cooking?

Argan, the natural treasure of south-west Morocco. It’s an endemic fruit much sought after for its cosmetic and therapeutic virtues, but even less for its culinary uses. Thus, the following question arises: how to use Argan oil in cooking?

Indeed, the indigenous population of Morocco (Amazigh) used Argan oil for centuries in their daily food traditions. So far, delightful Moroccan specialities are prepared using this natural oil such as Tagines, salads, Couscous with corn and fish (Baddaz) but especially to prepare Amlou.

Here at Riad Sable Chaud we use it of course!
We can teach you how to use Argan oil in some special recipes that you can redo once back home. Following the recommendations of our chef, you will use Argan oil to prepare traditional dishes, highly nutritious, rich in flavor, with a typical oriental taste and a strong smell.

Moreover, if you are more interested in this Moroccan fruit, you will find in Marrakech a lot of good addresses to learn more about argan oil production. Indeed, Marrakech is home to several women’s cooperatives specialized in Argan products. Whether for cosmetic or food use, you will witness this ancestral manufacturing chain. This process begins with the pulping of the nuts (previously collected and dried). The craftswomen crack the argan cores to extract the pulps, then they roast them in case of edible oil. Next, the women use traditional hand mill to crush the pulps. The resulting paste will be kneaded for long hours to obtain the oil. Finally, the pure oil is obtained after decantation and filtering of the residues. We can suggest to our hosts our trusted places to buy organic Argan products from Morocco.

Some more info:

Argan for cosmetic use
Is obtained by pressing of argan raw almonds. The color of the resulting oil is clear and is used on the skin of the whole body, hair and nails. This oil is particularly appreciated for its renowned moisturizing and antioxidant properties and has been used with great success as a functional ingredient for cosmetics skincare and haircare.

Argan for food use
To obtain Argan oil for food you need to toast the seeds in advance. The oil thus obtained has a darker color and smell roasted. It can be used as a condiment for bread, couscous and salads. In addition, by grinding toasted almonds and Argan oil, the locals get Amlou, a thick brown paste with a consistency similar to peanut butter.