Where to Stay in Marrakech?

That’s it, you have already bought your plane ticket for a stay in Marrakech, but you are wondering: where to stay in Marrakech, in a hotel or riad?

Whether you are interested in a leisure trip, a business trip or a honeymoon, you should take the opportunity to discover new things and live new experiences. Thus, you might as well not do things halfway by starting with the essential element of your stay which is « accommodation ».

So, what's a Riad?

A Riad is a traditional Moroccan house usually located in the heart of the medina (the old town). Once belonging to wealthy Moroccan families, many riads have been bought and refurbished by some wealthy Moroccans and foreigners and now serve as private guest houses.
Each riad in Marrakech is therefore specific in terms of its architecture, decoration and services, but as a general rule, you will find a traditional patio planted with trees and punctuated by a beautiful fountain; a garden; lounges, one of which has a fireplace, which is very popular in winter; a swimming pool and huge terraces for sunbathing, while enjoying the magnificent views from the roof of your host riad.

Why choose a Riad over a Hotel?

To say that Marrakech does not abound with a multitude of beautiful hotels of all standards and prices would be a lie. But the fact is that you already know the hotels, you’ve been in them on other travels, so why not try something different or make a mix of both?

In a riad in Marrakech, you will have the opportunity to live an authentic Moroccan experience. Through the traditional side that the riad has kept and the modern style that it has acquired. You will discover a perfect world for a dream holiday!
A stay in such accommodation promises a calm and comfort you will find nowhere else. On the reception side, the staff of the riad will take good care of you: they can bring you breakfast in bed just like in big hotels. Some establishments even have a private hammam for your well-being care as well as libraries for those who love reading. Also, you should know that every day, delicious Moroccan dishes and other flavours await you, enough to make your taste buds wriggle. Note that these palaces are renowned for their atypical atmosphere, their special attention and their warm and friendly character. The Riads in Marrakech are therefore perfect for unforgettable moments alone, as a couple, with family or friends.

Try the experience by reserving a room in a riad in Marrakech and you will return there without our suggestion. Book here


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